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One of the most popular resorts in the southern Aegean is an ideal base from which to explore the surrounding area. It is 80 km south of Izmir, which is the 3rd biggest city of Turkey, at the Aegean coast. A small fishing village as late as the 1970's, Kusadasi is now a sprawling, hyperactive town packed with curio shops and a population of around 55.000.
The cheery holiday atmosphere is hugely popular with tourists. Our hotel is located just accross the Marina, looking over to the marina, and to Kusadasi.
Has a wonderful sea view, and to watch the sunset is very reliable. It is just 200 meters to the beach and 500 meters to the city center.
Click the Pictures Beach 200 m.
Centrum 500 m.
Airport Adnan
Menderes 70 km.
Ephesus 20 km.
Virgin Mary's
House 27 km.

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The average temperatures of Kusadasi is given below in degree centigrates.
Weather Sea Weather Sea
Jan. 5-12C 15C July 25-38C 24C
Feb. 4-12C 15C Aug. 25-40C 24C
Mar. 6-14C 15C Sep. 20-32C 22C
Apr. 12-20C 16C Oct. 16-25C 20C
May 17-25C 19C Nov. 12-18C 18C
June 22-35C 22C Dec. 8-14C 16C